Blocking a bank card is a necessary measure when there is a risk of theft of money associated with the current account. The security of any bank card, whether credit or debit, is very important. And what is the next thing to do when the money in the account is in danger because of the loss or theft of the card?

The first step, and more effective, is to block the “plastic” whenever there is a serious suspicion about its misuse or a possible violation of your data. This article explains when to block a credit or debit card and necessary tips to protect the money in case of danger. Here they are:

Theft Or Loss

This is the most important and logical step when your card is stolen or get lost. Blocking your card will protect your balance and your personal details. To do this is really simple and straightforward. Just report the incident to your bank immediately, and your card will be rendered useless, with which nobody will be able to use it. Therefore, it is advisable to have the card number written down in order to block it as soon as possible.

When There Are Problems At The ATM

One of the most common reasons why it is necessary to block a card is that there is a problem with the ATM, as when the machine swallows the card. If this scenario occurs and you can’t get your card back immediately, the solution is to block the card as a security measure, to prevent any action that could harm the user. In this case, this bank must be notified immediately, in order to maintain the integrity of all activities.

Failure And Irregularities With The Card

Prevention is always better than cure; and this must be applied to any incident on the credit or debit card, such as an irregular operation or failures in its mechanism. It may not be a very serious problem, but it will not cost anything to block it.

This step offers total security on its operation and, in addition, prevents third parties from accessing the current account. In a few minutes it will stop working until the banking service resumes.

When The Card Data Is Not Secure

Blocking the card will be a necessary action when you have shared the data of this payment method with other people who are not reliable. In this way, you will have complete assurance that it will not be violated. The same must be done when it is suspected that the PIN or the data could have been stolen.

Forgetting The Card Password

When you do not remember the password of the credit or debit card, you must create a new password to unlock the account and be able to operate again. This happens when the user makes a mistake in the three attempts when trying to authorize any kind of operations from the ATM. If this happens, and the password is not remembered, there is no choice but to block it and require a new verification code to operate with this means of payment.

These are the most important periods and situations to block your card to protect your data and your balance. Make sure to keep this list in mind in case something crops up when using the ATM.