So I decided to write a blog about ATM’s. Weird? Maybe….I have had a interest in cash machines since I was young child and I thought I would pass on a bit of the information that I have picked up over the years, some being factual, such as the history of the ATM (see here) and some general comments and thoughts. There is a little bit of financial issues that I have wrote about also – please be aware that these are just thoughts following my own experiences and not advice for you to follow.

Technology is changing so quickly all around us. How long will cash machines last? You may think that is a silly question, but digital money/crypto currency is clearly the future. We are heading for a cashless society I believe.

In years down the line will we laugh about the novelty of cash coming out of a hole in the wall?

I am looking to add further info to ATM Near Me on a regular basis.

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