Theft, cloning and fraud on credit card crimes are crimes that skyrocket during times of high consumption and greater transfer of cash among the population, such as the usual pay day, holidays at the end of the year and seasonal purchases.

Choose A Secure Cash Point

If you have to make a transaction, payment or withdrawal in a deserted area, do not go alone; try to be accompanied by a relative, friend or person you trust. Preferably, perform any operation at cash points located in shopping centers or public squares where there are police, private security personnel and the general public that can help you in case of an emergency.

Take Care Of Your Passwords

It is very important that you protect your confidential passwords to avoid any fraud on your credit card. The Personal Identification Number (PIN) is necessary and mandatory to carry out operations at ATMs. Therefore, do not give it to anyone. Also try changing it, at least, once every six months.

Check That There Is Nothing Strange Around you.

Before inserting your card into the ATM, verify that the slot and the cash dispenser have no attachments. Criminals place readers (small boxes) to steal the data and pass codes. Remember our article on card skimmers? Follow the instructions that appear on the screen; pay attention to people, posters, artefacts or other indications. When typing the PIN, cover the keyboard to prevent it from being seen.

Stay Away From Strangers

Do not accept help from strangers or advice from a third party, as there are many criminals who use this tactic to approach their victims, corner them and rob them. If you are an older adult or do not know how ATMs work, it is best to ask for help from the bank staff – who is usually at the entrance of the establishment. Report any anomaly to security personnel, your local police or the bank.

Avoid The Chances Of Risk

Before making a transaction, prepare to leave quickly. Have your car keys in an easily accessible place where you can find them quickly, somewhere in your pockets or purse, to avoid any delay while looking for them. This way, you will avoid exposure to criminals or any chance for someone else to take you by surprise.

Report Any Anomaly

Use cashiers that are well lit, in main or busy avenues and with surveillance. Never make transactions in vandalized terminals that have damage to their structure, paint, broken glass or glue residues. It is very important that if you notice something unusual, from an ATM that does not work to people and devices that are not part of the ATM, you report it to your bank.

By following these tips, you will be able to avoid robberies during withdrawal and any fraud on your credit card.