ATMs are fully integrated into our daily lives, and we recognize them as an important element of the banks. When we need cash now, we need the ATM. It is clear that these ATMs have brought great progress and greater facilities for the transactions of bank customers, but do you know all the advantages offered by ATMs?

As you know, banks have limited opening hours during the day. However, if a person wanted to withdraw money in the evening, he could not do it. The ATMs give access to its use for those who need cash now, during the 24 hours of the day, since it does not require any worker with a schedule.

As we know, today we all live on every minute and time is worth so much more. ATMs now give us a fast and safe service, accessing our account through a personal password. But, ATMs do much more than help you make withdrawals.

What Other Services Do ATMs Offer?

Most people only know the service of money withdrawals for when they need cash now or asap, but ATMs offer more services for the user on foot. An example is the update of the passbook. By means of the ATM, you can update all your economic activities at any time.

Do you know that if you lose or forget any password related to your bank, you can re-obtain it or exchange it for another at an ATM? What is more, you can also check your account balance. Please, note that a lot of banks might charge you for using other ATMs belonging to other banks or institutions.

ATMs also allow you to make bank transfers seamlessly. Bank transfers are very useful for our own economic activities, especially if we run a business. As ATMs also offer you the service of making money transactions easily, you can transfer money without having to visit the bank.

Currently, most ATMs already include the physical deposit of money among their services. In addition to the standard withdrawal, we can enter money directly into our bank account. This has meant an increase in comfort for the user, and therefore, customer loyalty to the bank.

Since the number of transactions that can be done in these ATMs is unlimited, you can keep making transactions as much as you wish throughout the day. These functionalities are a benefit for the SME customer, since they can make keep making transactions, even after the banks finish their business day, without needing to wait till the next day to make the deposit in the office.

Are ATMs Safe?

Many ATMs are based on a Windows computer, but in a modified way, so they use an operating system to offer those services. To increase security, the tellers have updated their system leaving behind the outdated Windows XP, and acquired all the qualities of Windows 10. This means an increase in the security and computing of the devices, to provide a better experience for users. It is a stable system that has eliminated the mistakes of the past.

Now you know all the features that ATMs offer us. These allow us to conduct banking operations with our personal account, and at the same time they eliminate the tedious delays in the bank’s office. Do you use ATMs? What is your most favorite function so far?