My Online Startup Review

I have recently joined this platform and thought that I would give my own My Online Startup review…. this is my very first review of this type and it is a slightly different direction for this website, but, it is all money related after all, so I thought I would share my thoughts.

Here is my My Online Startup Review

In my My Online Startup review, I should explain that this is a free affiliate marketing education platform, which has been put together by a man named Chuck Nguyen. The course claims to be able to help anyone start from scratch to become an affiliate marketer and have a successful business.

From watching the videos available and during my time being part of the Facebook group, I would say Chuck comes across as extremely knowledgeable in this field and I find him quite a likeable guy.

What Is Included?

So my journey started with watching the welcoming video, it explained the ins and outs of the course. Chuck explains that the affiliate marketing and make money online industry is full of scams and that is why he wishes to provide a fully free educational platform, for those just starting out. I was impressed by this, but obviously slightly sceptical to begin with.

If we are honest, for people who are looking for info on how to become an affiliate marketer, it can be a bit daunting to start off with…

Once I was inside, I found that the free affiliate marketing course actually has over 50 videos to watch, which was pretty impressive. You work step by step and through each different one and you learn as you go. There are videos on affiliate marketing, how to get clients/traffic (free and paid techniques), the programs needed and the mindset you need to succeed.

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

I have often thought about this very question. Many many times in fact. I have tried a lot of things over the years when it comes to earning extra income online. Lets be honest, there is a lot of rubbish around and it can be tricky trying to find the genuine products and services.

When I think about what is the best way to make money online and think about My Online Startup – it fits the bill. My experience shows that, firstly, to be successful, you need good experienced mentors to learn from. It has this. Hopefully this My Online Startup Review explains all you need regarding what is available from this course.

In addition to the above, you need to have a supportive group that pushes each other to succeed. If you become a partner of My Online Startup after reading my review, you will find the group members are very supportive and willing to help you.

When you are considering what is the best way to make money online, you need to be able to build a genuine business and not get involved in some rubbish fad which is going to either rip you, or others off. Long term that is going to get you nowhere. This business course is a decent option.

You also need the tools to be able to work with. I have found that I have access to everything I need to grow my business, in this course.

Mindset Needed to Succeed and Make Money Online

Mindset really is a big one for me, I have started many things in my life and not finished them, so this is important! There is plenty in this course to help you work on your mindset. You have to have the correct attitude to succeed and you do have to work on this, so this is really useful.

So after I started watching the videos and going through the training, I noticed the option of becoming a Partner member. This is where things have taken off for me.

There is a cost to upgrade to become a Partner and at the time of writing this My Online Startup review, I am not sure what this may be now, as the course is literally just leaving the ‘pre-launch stage’ and going into the full launch now. But from my own experience, I would suggest that it would be well worth it at double the price.

I should mention here that you do not need to upgrade to a paid membership to make good use of this course. The free affiliate marketing training videos that are available, are high quality and in-depth and they will help you start your business, step by step. I just found personally, that upgrading to a Partner member, has fast forwarded things for me, hugely.

My Online Startup Review

As a newbie to the affiliate marketing industry, I have actually made sales since upgrading my membership and this has just been from following the training from the membership area and Facebook page, on using free traffic methods – to be honest I am really ecstatic that I have found something that works for me at last!

The bottom line is that this education platform is perfect for those looking for an affiliate marketing for beginners course – and it is free to access!

You also have the option to become a Legendary Partner – I haven’t gone down this route yet, but I am considering it, as higher commissions can be earned.

Edit January 2021: I have since upgraded to become a Legendary Partner and it has been a great move. As I build my business, I now have access to more detailed information and knowledge, from experienced members of the team. But the main thing is, I have to make clear – you don’t need to upgrade if you just wish to start out and learn the ropes of affiliate marketing. I just wanted people to know that.

Is Legit?

What I would say that, even by just accessing the free training, you will see that this is a quality resource. I learned a lot from this and I quickly realised that I had stumbled across something that is actually genuine. First and foremost this is a big thing in itself right?! You could probably pay 4 figures for the free training that is available HERE easily.

As I have mentioned, when I upgraded my membership to become a Partner, this has unlocked some doors for me. It has allowed me to earn a number of $100 commissions already, see my email below as one example:

My Online Startup Review

My OnlineStartup is definitely legit. The proof is on the Facebook page too, which is full of other members just like me, who you can interact with on a daily basis. So you have that benefit too.

If you decide to become a Partner, you will have some of the following benefits:

  • Your own ‘done-for-you’ Sales Funnel Opt-in page
  • With 165 days of emails populated inside, with your affiliate links, to earn you commissions on various Clickbank products
  • You can earn commissions from multiple sources
  • Full and continuous training on how to get the traffic and the techniques you need to be successful
  • Mentors and a Facebook group for of helpful colleagues, to learn from

So is affiliate marketing worth it? Absolutely! You just need to be able to access the right information and work with the right people.

My Experience With My Online Startup So Far

As I write, I have been accessing the course for just a month now (only!) and I have learned so much during that time. The free course has unbelievable value and I recommend anyone to check that out. As I say, you can upgrade to help you fast forward and start earning quickly, but you do not need to do this.

The Bad Points of this MyOnlineStartUp Review?

I have ‘bigged up’ this course in this MyOnlineStartup review, a lot, I know. So I guess it may appear that this isn’t a balanced view(?) But I can only say how my experience has been and that has been good so far.

I have tried to look into any potential issues with it.

I think with anything, you should be cautious and do your homework. Look through the videos, look at the Facebook page etc (the link is inside the membership area HERE).

It is early days yet, so who knows which path this education platform will take. The current path looks good to me though. I would hope Chuck continues with his good work so far and he has said that there is much more to come.

As with anything, if you decide to try the course, after reading this MyOnlineStartUp review, what you get out of it will be what you put in. My advice would be to stick with it and work daily for at least a few months. Work hard at the free training methods and you will see success like I have.

One potential downside, which I have just remembered, is that you have to be able to access Clickbank, in order to upgrade to become a Partner member. If you are in a country that Clickbank doesn’t allow, you may have difficulty in upgrading, to access those amazing additional benefits.

However, you don’t need to upgrade if you don’t want to, or are unable to – the free information in this course is amazing even in itself.

So overall, this is a really positive My Online Startup Review and I hope you enjoyed it.

I wish you success!

By the way, if you are looking for other creative ways to make money online, here is a good start – with a link to a number of options.