Make Instant Money Online Absolutely Free

Make Instant Money Online Absolutely Free

Ok, so I understand that you want to make instant money online absolutely free.

Me too! It would be nice wouldn’t it.

Unfortunately, as we both know, deep down, it doesn’t work like that. However, if you are interested in putting some time and effort in, I can show you the different ways of how I make money online – and how you can do it too (please be aware that it is not instant or absolutely free, as it takes a bit of your time and effort).

I would love to help you out to show you how to make a little extra money, or, if you put the efforts in, a lot of extra money!

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

If you are wanting to make money online, a great option is by writing a blog or a creating a website.

what is the best way to make money online

Do you enjoy writing? If so, maybe writing a blog is a great option for you. This can be one of a number of ways of making money online.

I know that the thought of starting to write a blog or your own website can seem a bit scary! I mean, just where do you start with the damn thing?! You may be wondering actually how to start a blog and make money out of it. But, when we look how to start and blog and what it entails, you will see that this really can be a great option and accessible to everyone.

I will explain the steps you need to take, as a beginner, even just with basic computer skills, on how to start a blog and make money. So no matter what your age or experience is, I will show you that there is an easy way to know how to start a blog for free (well, almost!) in under half an hour. This is the cheapest way to start a blog.

Other ways to make money online

How to Start a Blog

People often write blogs from their own viewpoint. If they give their personal opinions, this helps them to connect with the people reading their work. Often you will find that blogs have a section for comments, which enables visitors to leave their own views.

The direct way of getting your message across to your reader is one of the best feelings, after learning how to start a blog and then begin writing. It allows your to build trust with your blog visitors. If you can build trust with your readers, it also opens up the possibility of earning money from blogging (more details later), which is a fantastic way of earning income.

If you have been wondering if there is a way to make instant money online absolutely free, I am afraid that is really hard to achieve, if not impossible. What you want is something sustainable that you can build and earn a passive income from, for years to come.

how to start a blog and make money

Can I make instant money online absolutely free by starting a blog?

It certainly is possible to earn money by starting a blog, anyone can do this. Again, it is not an instant money maker, it will take time. But it is possible for anyone to do it. In addition to this, you don’t even have a to be a great writer.

People actually just want to read personal opinions more than anything. You don’t even need to have a great knowledge of a subject in order to be successful. As an example, maybe you are writing about your experiences with dieting on a daily basis. People often would much rather read about your (good and bad) experiences and struggles than the scientific element of the food you are eating and diet you are following.

All you really need is a passion for the topic you are interested in and away you go!

What are the Benefits of Starting to Write a Blog?

There are many benefits of starting to write a blog.

Making a Passive Income From Home. Writing your blog can make decent money if it is done correctly. The best bloggers out there can clearly earn serious money, but even if you did this part time, you can expect to make a nice amount of steady income, which can build and build, the more you add to your site. The best thing is, I can show you the cheapest way to start a blog.

It is a nice feeling to know that the more interesting stuff you write, the better your earnings can be in the future, a long time after you have made that post

Get your views out there. It allows you to let your voice be heard. Share your views about whatever you like. Bloggers often share info about their daily experiences.

Teach people. When you provide your experience of a particular subject, people can learn from this and that is a great feeling. People can interact with you and you can also learn of their views and experiences if they leave you comments. You can quickly become an authority on a subject, before you know it!

As you know, the internet is absolutely huge. There is space for you too!

How to Start a Blog Fast

You can create a blog in about half an hour by doing the following:

  1. Pick the name of your blog. Something that describes your site.
  2. Get hosting for your blog. Get your blog registered and online.
  3. Make it your own. Grab a free template and give it some style.
  4. Make your first post. Now you are really getting started!
  5. Make some money from your writing. There are a number of options to make money from your blog.

Blog Name

Make sure your domain name is something that means something to you and fits in with what you wish to talk about in your blog.

If you aren’t sure what to base your blog on, may I advise of the following suggestions:

Your hobbies and things you love – How about a blog about your sports team, the places you love to travel to, food you like to cook or eat and so on. Whatever niche you decide to talk about, you can be sure that someone will be interested in it.

All about you – You could do a blog about your life, your family, your experiences. People love to rad about other people. Especially if you have an interesting story to tell. It could relate t any aspect of your life. You can even just rambles on about anything that happens to you on a daily basis.

A business you are involved in or interested in – Do you want to promote your business? There are some brilliant free templates you can use when you set up your website.

Earn Money Writing Fiction Online

If you like, you can even earn money writing fiction online. Whatever you wish to do, the key is just getting started, in my opinion. When you see the minimal set up costs for getting your website up and running, you will see that it is well worth it.

A friend of mine has been able to earn money writing fiction online, by writing stories for about a year now. I was surprised at how much money this enables her to earn, all through her personal website. The earnings come from placing Google Adsense adverts on the website.

When you have decided on your subject, you can then go ahead and decide on a relevant domain name. You really can earn money writing fiction online this way. It doesn’t have to be just fiction either.

Getting Your Blog Online

So, you have an idea of what you would like to name your blog – you will be able to check the domain name is available. Check here:

You might think it can be difficult to get your blog up and running, but it really isn’t.

To get your blog online, you will need some hosting and blogging software. I can show you how to get both of these together at the same time.

You have to have a blog host so that your blog can be online and be shown to your visitors to your blog, when they search for your domain name.

In order to build your blog, you need the software to do so. For me, WordPress blogs are the easiest to use and we want to make your easy, so I would advise using this. It is one of the most popular options and you can make the changes to the site and make it your own, as you wish.

How to Start a Blog for Free

Now it isn’t free (but almost!), but it is possible to set up in an instant to do and, if you really want to make money online, this is absolutely one of the best options for you. This really is the cheapest way to start a blog.

A very good blog host, that I use personally, is Bluehost. I recommend them to all people that are new to blogging. My reasons are as follows:

Make Instant Money Online Absolutely Free
  • They will get your blog name registered, ensure that your domain name cannot be used by anyone else.
  • They provide an easy way to install the WordPress blog. This is also free of charge.
  • Bluehost provide hosting for over two million blogs and websites. This is a serious business.
  • The customer service is fantastic and they are available 24 hours a day.
  • They guarantee to give you your money back within 30 days, if you are not happy for any reason.

Visit Bluehost here or any link on this site and you will get the heavily discounted price of only ¬£2.99/$3.95 per month. So if you are searching for ways on how to start a blog for free, you aren’t far off with this super low price!

Get Started Fast

Please note that if you use this special offer low cost link and sign up for hosting, I will receive a small commission.

Don’t forget, for this, you get:

  • Your WordPress Blog/website installed by one click!
  • A free domain name.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

Make Some Money From Writing Your Blog Posts

After you have created your blog and have began writing good content and continue to add to it regularly, making money from it, can actually be quite easy at that stage.

You can actually make FANTASTIC money writing a blog – but it is important to remember that you are not going to make money right away. You will remember the title at the top of this post: Make Instant Money Online Absolutely Free….

As I explained, it doesn’t work like that. This is the cheapest way to start a blog, and potentially make some money, however. What I would encourage is to try and get away from the mindset that anything comes for free – if, instead, you can be dedicated to this and as you add content, you start to increase the number of visitors finding your site, you can start to earn a real income from writing content online.

There are a number of ways you can make good money from your blog.

Google Adsense – You can add Google Adsense to your blog. As you get more visitors, they click on the links on your site and you make money from that.

You Can Sell Your Own Products and Courses – I really like this option. Have a course to sell? Go for it! Maybe you offer a service? This is a great way to get people to buy from you.

Affiliate Marketing – Sell other peoples products and earn a commission from each sale.

Once you have your blog set up and have started adding content, I would advise you to research these options. Getting the blog up and running and adding your content is the important part first and foremost.

Don’t miss out, get started today! This is the cheapest way to start a blog and start earning, right now.