How to start a photography blog

You’ve probably read countless times about how important it is to be blogging as a photographer. There are a lot of photographers now that have blogs, you will probably have seen examples of them. The question is just how to start a photography blog, how easy is it blogging, and is it worth your time?  If you’re reading this and you already have a blog or you’re planning or setting up one, here you’ll find out why it’s important for photographers to run a blog. 

How to start a photography blog today

Photography is a unique service that should be taken seriously as the client is bringing you into their lives and trusting you to capture some of their big moments. Providing them with a memorable experience is quite important. Please read on for tips on how to start a photography blog.


A blog will allow you to bring in clients. A blog provides prospective clients with information on your service, what value you can deliver, and who you are.  From your blog, they will get an idea of your vision.

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They also get to see your latest and beautiful work in the initial phase of your career, you’ll also be improving on your craft rapidly. Using portfolio sites might become stagnant with time and some photographers do not always update them regularly.   A blog helps you showcase your newest works and images to your prospective clients.  This makes them acquainted with your shooting style. 

Using blogs also guarantees better SEO than what can be gotten from portfolio sites. This is because the blog can easily be updated with amazing content which Google loves. A blog that is well maintained and updated constantly would have a high ranking.  

how to start a photography blog
how to start a photography blog

The blog also helps your client to easily share the images you took of them. Everyone would appreciate seeing their pictures on their photographer’s blog. The impressed clients would be eager to share the link to your blog with friends and family.  This is a free word of mouth publicity for you. Clients will also be eager to know if their images would be featured in the blog. 

Diligently upload new posts for your clients and share how exciting it was working with them. This would make them feel special and will spread the word about your business. The good part is that a blog is easy to start and not stressful to maintain, it is quite cheaper than a dedicated website and also effective to help you get sales. 

You Should Have the Following in Mind while Starting Your Photography Blogging Journey. 

Why do you want to start a photography blog

Once you’re able to decide what you intend to do right from the start you’ll have control of your content. Your purpose and goal of blogging will help you know what to do and grant you the best ideas and direction. 

Choose your audience

After deciding on the result you intend to achieve with your blog, the next thing is to decide on who you’re blogging for. So many photographers often miss this step. You might easily forget why you’re blogging and start writing for other shooters, family, and friends, or wedding blogs. 

So who is your target audience? Are you writing for friends and families to keep them updated on your Photography progress?  Or are you blogging for clients to keep them up to date with your business? 

This is a very important part of your blog. Even if you already have a blog. If your blog is intended for clients (as it is mostly the case) then you’ll structure your post with them in mind. 

Make it easy to convert

Your aim of blogging as a professional photographer is basically to get new clients. New clients mean more money and so it is important to make your blog worth their time. Ensure that your blog contains all relevant information and details that will help convert the readers to clients.  

Provide information on your location, details of the kind of photography services you offer, the price range, contact information. It should also include testimonials from previous clients and a call to action (i.e. Book Your Session) to make your blog effective. 

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Be consistent

Starting a blog is one thing, remaining consistent is another thing. Ensure you’re committed to putting in effort and time. Although it may seem difficult, ensure you’re consistent with your posts. 

The only way your readers will know you’re serious with your business and you’re an active shooter is through your constant post. Having a blog with content from a month ago doesn’t represent you as a serious person. An inconsistent blog post will not be a good sign to a prospective client. 

Decide how often you intend to post each week. If you shoot full time, you could decide to post twice each week. For a part-time shooter or a hobbyist shooter intending to blog, doing one blog post per week is okay. You can pick a day in the week you’ll post on as this will ensure you’re on track. 


Make use of social media

Having a blog is different from using a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Each uses a different approach to your social media system. Yet each of them still complements each other. 

You should constantly tweet about your new blog post. You can also set up your Facebook page so that your blog posts are automatically imported. 

Show your best work, not all of it

Your blog isn’t a place where you’d show everything and every single photo you’ve taken. Rather it should be a place to put up your best images from a session or the very best from your portfolio. Please note, now you are learning how to start a photography blog, this is a key point.

Putting a lot of images on your blog might bore your audience and get them overwhelmed. You are free to decide the number of images to upload and this is dependent on the kind of photography you do. 

photography blogging
photography blogging

Quality images are more important.  Your blog is like an updated portfolio, ensure to put quality over quantity. Clients will scrutinize each of the images you upload and this will either make them book a session or not. 

Be personal but not too personal

There is a fine line between what is personal and what is too personal. It’s a good thing to be yourself and share your uniqueness with the world but your readers can become so uncomfortable when you start over-sharing. 

If it is a business blog, then you might consider how beneficial it could be to share your personal life with your readers. 

This is dependent on your preference but bears in mind that your readers matter while sharing. 

Be postive

Your business blog is not a place to keep complaining. This might cause you to lose your clients.  Maintain positivity so that you can attract more people to you. That’s the reason you are blogging after all. 

Things Photographers Should Blog About. 

There are a lot of things that you can blog about as soon as you begin, you’ll find yourself constantly coming up with newer stories and topics. 

A few examples…

Recent work: travel images, weddings, portrait sessions, landscape images, and whatever you’re shooting at that point in time. 

Most interesting work: post previous pictures from your archives to share. 

Answers to FAQ: provide answers for your client by providing information on frequently asked questions. Make the content valuable. 

Adventures: take your readers through an adventure spree with exciting images and content on your blog. 

Why you love photography: create more connection with your readers by making them see your motivation. 

Promotions at your studio: provide special discounts for your readers and make them aware of your promotions so that they can get value from your blog. 

How you got started in photography: Your personal story will help them understand your motivation and who you are as a shooter. 

Behind the scenes: Show them how the magic happens. 

You can now take a moment to come up with your topics.  Have your readers in mind and think of what kind of topic they will find relevant, interesting, and valuable.

A Few More Tips for Successful Photography Blogging. 

Most visitors to your blog may not have time to fully read the posts, most times they just skim through and you need to be conscious of this when you write.

Link to relevant information: using links is a good way to improve tour SEO rank and also improve the value of your content. As much as you can, add links to your posts. 

Don’t blog other people’s photos: It’s inappropriate to use another person’s images on your blog. As a photographer blogging, you should focus on using your images to attract customers and show odd your work to your clients. 

Use descriptive, meaningful titles: Try to use titles that are meaningful and relevant to your post. Using irrelevant titles would not help your SEO rank better and your blog post titles will not be attractive enough. 

Install Google Analytics: It’s vital if you can get to know where your visitors are from. Their interaction with your site is also very valuable. Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool to help you do that. 


So Should You Have a Blog?

Hopefully, by now, it’s pretty clear that the answer is a resounding yes, but I’ll sum it up here.

At this point, it’s likely you already know that blogging is important.  So in summary: 

You must have a blog as a professional photographer. This will enable you to boost your business through personal blog posts. A blog also helps your SEO, improves marketing, and makes it easy for clients to advertise you through word of mouth. A blog also makes client engagement easier and enables you to easily share your works and projects. 

Even for those just starting and want to improve on their photography craft, a blog will help you improve tremendously. Through consistent effort, you’ll get into the habit and with time you’ll improve greatly and will become awesome at it when you become a pro-photographer. 

For those that are hobbyists, a blog will help you share your passion with your family and friends. They provide all the necessary support as you go on.  Someone somewhere may just find your works amazing and may decide to hire you. From a hobbyist, you may turn into a pro. 

If you need a blog, there are a lot of options to select from. Below is a service to consider:

WordPress: This is a reputable platform for blogging.  WordPress is an open-source option with different plugins, customizability, and themes. Using this will help you design the blog to match your interest. 

You can see how to set one up easily here.

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to start a photography blog. Do yourself a favour and get started today.