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So I decided to write a blog about ATM’s. Weird? Maybe….I have had a interest in cash machines since I was young child and I thought I would pass on a bit of the information that I have picked up over the years, some being factual, such as the history of the ATM (see here) and some general comments and thoughts. There is a little bit of financial issues that I have wrote about also – please be aware that these are just thoughts following my own experiences and not advice for you to follow.

Technology is changing so quickly all around us. How long will cash machines last? You may think that is a silly question, but digital money/crypto currency is clearly the future. We are heading for a cashless society I believe.

In years down the line will we laugh about the novelty of cash coming out of a hole in the wall?

I am looking to add further info to ATM Near Me on a regular basis.

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You know how they say money makes the world go round? It isn’t so much about hard cash anymore. In fact, at present, credit scores are the real drive behind most of the events that can change your life. Therefore, if you want to improve it, it is advisable to have control over your credit and raise your credit score as high as possible.

What Happens If You Do Not Increase Your Credit Score?

For someone with a lower credit score, several negative consequences can occur. What is this about? Well, first of all, not only credit card companies check an individual’s score to determine if they really should receive new credit, but several other companies or businesses also analyse the credit score as a way to determine if they really want or don’t want to have that person as a client.

If, any of the following situations may occur:

  • Work denial
  • Denial of a lease or rent
  • Denial of a home mortgage loan
  • Denial of a home equity loan
  • Denial of a car loan
  • Denial of low interest
  • Denial of different types of insurance such as a car for example.
Strategies To Increase Your Credit Score

What can a person do exactly to increase it, so that he can take advantage of being in the category of people with good credit scores? Although there are several steps that can be taken, none of them is sufficient on its own. Additionally, there is no guarantee when it comes to improving your score at high limits. However, a very effective way is by following these strategies to the letter.

It is important to pay off your loans and credit card debts, and it is equally important to continue to use your credit responsibly. If you suddenly stop using your credit, you will lose the advantage you have to increase your score. The question is to maintain a good balance between the level of credit you have open and the amount of debt you have acquired.

In addition, you must also add other mitigating factors such as: the payment history, the length of time of each account in your credit, debt balances that you have and that are carried month to month, and more. Follow as many of the following possible tips to increase your credit score:

  • Pay more than the minimum payment. This will lower your level of debt faster to improve your credit level. In addition, it will reduce financial charges, helping you lower your total debt much more quickly.
  • Continue using your credit cards, but limit your expenses to the most essential. This strategy will lower your debt level, while you become more responsible for using your credit, that will eventually help you improve your score.
  • Refrain from opening new accounts or closing others. This would affect your credit score, typically in a negative way.
  • Stop using the credit cards that are charging you higher interest rates, unless you can pay your monthly balance in full. Remember to make additional payments to the balance sheet if you are not paying the balance in full.
  • Pay each of your debts on time, such as utility expenses, school fees and loans. If possible, pay bills earlier to avoid the possibility of forgetting and late payment. Even better, make your payments automatically debited so that you never again have to do it manually.
  • Monitor your credit score and dispute any false information. Remember that negative information will remain on your credit for seven to ten years depending on what it is.
  • Avoid department store credit cards and use a primary credit card for most of your purchases. Large players in credit (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover) carry more weight.
  • Avoid having a debt collection agency on your list of creditors. If you know you owe an account, make the payment before it is delayed or you reach a payment agreement with them.

Follow these tips and you will be able to build up your credit score faster. These will help you in the long run as you grow your credit.



Theft, cloning and fraud on credit card crimes are crimes that skyrocket during times of high consumption and greater transfer of cash among the population, such as the usual pay day, holidays at the end of the year and seasonal purchases.

Choose A Secure Cash Point

If you have to make a transaction, payment or withdrawal in a deserted area, do not go alone; try to be accompanied by a relative, friend or person you trust. Preferably, perform any operation at cash points located in shopping centers or public squares where there are police, private security personnel and the general public that can help you in case of an emergency.

Take Care Of Your Passwords

It is very important that you protect your confidential passwords to avoid any fraud on your credit card. The Personal Identification Number (PIN) is necessary and mandatory to carry out operations at ATMs. Therefore, do not give it to anyone. Also try changing it, at least, once every six months.

Check That There Is Nothing Strange Around you.

Before inserting your card into the ATM, verify that the slot and the cash dispenser have no attachments. Criminals place readers (small boxes) to steal the data and pass codes. Remember our article on card skimmers? Follow the instructions that appear on the screen; pay attention to people, posters, artefacts or other indications. When typing the PIN, cover the keyboard to prevent it from being seen.

Stay Away From Strangers

Do not accept help from strangers or advice from a third party, as there are many criminals who use this tactic to approach their victims, corner them and rob them. If you are an older adult or do not know how ATMs work, it is best to ask for help from the bank staff – who is usually at the entrance of the establishment. Report any anomaly to security personnel, your local police or the bank.

Avoid The Chances Of Risk

Before making a transaction, prepare to leave quickly. Have your car keys in an easily accessible place where you can find them quickly, somewhere in your pockets or purse, to avoid any delay while looking for them. This way, you will avoid exposure to criminals or any chance for someone else to take you by surprise.

Report Any Anomaly

Use cashiers that are well lit, in main or busy avenues and with surveillance. Never make transactions in vandalized terminals that have damage to their structure, paint, broken glass or glue residues. It is very important that if you notice something unusual, from an ATM that does not work to people and devices that are not part of the ATM, you report it to your bank.

By following these tips, you will be able to avoid robberies during withdrawal and any fraud on your credit card.



Credit cards are such life savers. They are used to leave emergencies, or buy products when we do not have the amount to cover in a single payment. DO you need some quick cash? Just head over to the nearest ATM. However, they can become the nightmare of those who do not plan their finances and those addicted to shopping. A huge number of people are in bad credit card debt.

A card is a financial instrument that works as a means of payment, and as a mechanism to obtain credit from banks. The issuers of the card grant the user, through a contract, a revolving line of credit. This means that you can re-use the credit as you pay. So, how do you not abuse this privilege without getting into bad credit card debts?

Contemplate Your Costs

Before getting a credit card, it is very important that you keep in mind all the expenses that come with it.

  • Annuity: These are charged annually for the privileges you enjoy by using credit card.
  • Interest rates: These vary from one institution to the other. The average rate is around 35% per annum.
  • Charges and commissions: The charges add up when you do not pay your debt on time. The commissions are additional charges that are charged when you use the ATM or reward programs, among others.
Schedule Your Payment Dates

The most basic rule in having a credit card is to spend no more than you earn. When you make expenses that your income can not cover, your finances are out of line and you end the month with negative numbers. You should be very careful with the dates of payments, and avoid using your card when they are close, or exceeding your budget.

With Higher Financial Power Comes A Higher Responsibility

Avoiding unnecessary and impulsive purchases is very important to avoid unnecessary debt. A small debt can grow and get out of control if you make purchases each month that cannot be paid and you are not paying attention to your payment dates.

There Are Simpler Ways To Get Credit

It is not always necessary to process a credit card or resort to a standard loan from the bank to obtain a loan. There are many online platforms that would easily lend you money for your important projects, provided you prove to them that you have the capacity to pay up.

Of course, your data and banking information would probably be requested too. When you are approved, you can just head over to an ATM near you to get the money, easy – take it from me.


How many credit card should I have? Is often a question we ask ourselves. So, how many do you have, and how many do you use? Do you know that you really don’t need so many cards for your daily transactions? Having two cards, one of debit and one of credit, is the most advisable to give them a good use, control them and avoid problems such as indebtedness.

At most, keep your cards to three. With them it will be enough to make the purchases that we need and it is an affordable amount of “plastics”, which allows us to keep control of the cards and keep our finances at bay, without fear of getting into debt.

When talking about credit cards, the reality is that one is more than enough. In fact, it is recommended to leave your credit card at home and use a debit card at the ATM and for day-to-day purchases. Why? Debit cards have a good part of the advantages of credit cards in terms of insurance for their daily use and an extra benefit: they do not lend money, so we cannot spend what we do not have.

Less Cards, Less Indebtedness

Having more than one card is an expense for the user, since few actually have a zero cost. But the real problem with credit cards is not what we pay for maintenance or issuance, but “having more only increases the possibility of spending more and, what is worse, using them poorly.

We run the risk of taking credit card as an extension of our income, and it is not. Credit cards are very useful and can be a great tool if they are used correctly and it is clear how they work.

A credit card allows you to buy on time: buy today and pay tomorrow or in installments with a monthly minimum. In return, the bank charges us a series of interests, if we delay payment or establish fixed monthly payments. This is good, but can also be really dangerous. The more cards we have, the more difficult it will be to keep track of the purchases made and the money spent.

How To Use Cards Well

Make sure the card is not in revolving mode: By default, most cards are activated under this form of monthly fixed payments, which is the most comfortable to spend more, but the one that makes the most interest. Before using the card for the first time, consider going for the non-revolving mode.

Use the credit card for large purchases: The biggest benefit of these cards is the insurance they include. If we want to hire a trip, it’s better to do it with the card because it includes your own travel insurance. The same applies to large purchases, as it adds guarantees to the products we purchase.

Seek low costs: Look for cards that have no issue or maintenance cost. The discounts in stores and other advantages? They are fine, but they are still formulas to make us use the card more than we want and need, precisely to take advantage of these offers.

With this in mind, you’ll prevent the abuse of your credit card.


Blocking a bank card is a necessary measure when there is a risk of theft of money associated with the current account. The security of any bank card, whether credit or debit, is very important. And what is the next thing to do when the money in the account is in danger because of the loss or theft of the card?

The first step, and more effective, is to block the “plastic” whenever there is a serious suspicion about its misuse or a possible violation of your data. This article explains when to block a credit or debit card and necessary tips to protect the money in case of danger. Here they are:

Theft Or Loss

This is the most important and logical step when your card is stolen or get lost. Blocking your card will protect your balance and your personal details. To do this is really simple and straightforward. Just report the incident to your bank immediately, and your card will be rendered useless, with which nobody will be able to use it. Therefore, it is advisable to have the card number written down in order to block it as soon as possible.

When There Are Problems At The ATM

One of the most common reasons why it is necessary to block a card is that there is a problem with the ATM, as when the machine swallows the card. If this scenario occurs and you can’t get your card back immediately, the solution is to block the card as a security measure, to prevent any action that could harm the user. In this case, this bank must be notified immediately, in order to maintain the integrity of all activities.

Failure And Irregularities With The Card

Prevention is always better than cure; and this must be applied to any incident on the credit or debit card, such as an irregular operation or failures in its mechanism. It may not be a very serious problem, but it will not cost anything to block it.

This step offers total security on its operation and, in addition, prevents third parties from accessing the current account. In a few minutes it will stop working until the banking service resumes.

When The Card Data Is Not Secure

Blocking the card will be a necessary action when you have shared the data of this payment method with other people who are not reliable. In this way, you will have complete assurance that it will not be violated. The same must be done when it is suspected that the PIN or the data could have been stolen.

Forgetting The Card Password

When you do not remember the password of the credit or debit card, you must create a new password to unlock the account and be able to operate again. This happens when the user makes a mistake in the three attempts when trying to authorize any kind of operations from the ATM. If this happens, and the password is not remembered, there is no choice but to block it and require a new verification code to operate with this means of payment.

These are the most important periods and situations to block your card to protect your data and your balance. Make sure to keep this list in mind in case something crops up when using the ATM.


There are a growing number of people who love taking advantage of unsuspecting people at the ATM, thereby making money withdrawal at the ATM somewhat of a risky activity. Windows XP monopolizes the global ATM sector despite not being the safest system after the end of its technical support. Now, the activities of credit card skimmers are on the rise.

The Skimmer is a device designed to clone credit or debit cards that pass through the ATM slots. Generally, it consists of two parts. The first is a small device to copy the data from the magnetic stripe and the second is a camera dedicated to capture the user’s PIN. With these data, putting it on a blank card by means of a special device is the easy part. After this is done, the thieves can then withdraw funds from the victims or make purchases.

More and more small, sophisticated and hard-to-detect systems have been used that avoid the camera by mounting a false keyboard on top of the real keyboard to pick up the PIN. Once installed, the thief does not need to approach these skimmers because the new generations include a Bluetooth module that transfers information wirelessly.

The Skimmers are present in the classic ATMs installed in financial institutions, in fuel pump centers and also in the payment machines of shopping centers. It is important to look out for any telltale sign when using your card at an ATM near you.

How To Detect A Skimmer And Protect Your Card At An ATM

It is becoming increasingly difficult to detect skimmers because of their sophistication and the rush of users in the rush of everyday life. However, there are some detection measures that we should use and that will not take more than a couple of minutes. Here are some recommendations:

  • Look at the ATM. Is there something out of place? Breaks in some part of it. On the keyboard, in the card slot. Color changes of the material in the machine. Unusual pieces?
  • Shake the card reader. If the reader moves, something must be wrong. A true card reader must be attached to the ATM perfectly without any movement.
  • Watch the keyboard. Is it too thick? Is not it perfectly embedded in the chassis? Is it different from what you normally use?
  • Look for a camera. Check on the screen, on the cardholder or at any point in the ATM that can focus on the keyboard.
  • Protect your PIN with your hand. As a consequence of the above, we must always protect the entering of the personal PIN by hand. Both at ATMs and any purchase device.
  • Do not lose sight of your card, either when making payments in shops, restaurants or shopping centers.
  • Monitor banking transactions. Banks have alert systems for the use of credit cards. Activate this type of service. If you detect any suspicious activity, notify the bank as soon as possible.

With these recommendations, you should be able to protect your card when next you are using the ATM.


When making payments around the world, the credit card is a popular mode of payment, since it provides us with many facilities such as being able to virtually make payments in any business without needing to carry cash.

However, not all people can own such cards, for this we will have to meet criteria that can sometimes depend on the bank or the type of credit card that we want. In this article, we will explain what those requirements are, and what to keep in mind when we are trying to obtain a credit card.

It is important first of all to keep in mind that the specific requirements can vary according to the type of credit card and the bank. For example, if we want to have a card that allows us to have a monthly credit of £100,000, we will undoubtedly have to prove that we receive a much higher income than that, to request a typical card. You also need to be aware of what credit card apr you will have to pay if you are granted a card, depending on your circumstances. Anyway, here we will now be listing some of the general requirements for any basic type of credit card.

Credit Card Requirements

  1. Legal Age: Before acquiring a credit card, you are expected to be 21 years or older. You can also obtain this if you are 18 years of age, but you will need your parent’s permission for this and an income source. Being of legal age and having an identity document are basic requirements, as for most other procedures related to banks and obtaining credits.
  2. Good Credit History: Normally, to obtain a credit card they will ask us to show that we have a good record of payments. That is to say that we have never been part of a record of defaulters and that over time we have always been up to date with our debts.
  3. Verifiable Source Of Income: We will also have to give proof that we receive regular and sufficient income to be able to face the credits that we can generate with our card.
  4. Physical Address: To obtain a credit card, you must have a physical address where you can be reached out to and contacted whenever necessary. Having a physical address also shows that you are grounded, and less carefree.
  5. Proper Documentation: Finally, to obtain the credit card we will have to fill out the application document that will be delivered to us in the branch of the bank where we go. Depending on the cases, we can also download the form online and send it by mail.

These are some of the most important requirements when requesting for a credit card. Have these in mind whenever you are trying to get yourself a new one.


The use of the credit card has been extended to the point where we practically make all our payments with the so-called “plastic money”. . Financiers and banks have facilitated access to credit through their cards and we all find it more convenient to use them before carrying money in your pocket. You can even get a credit card sign up bonus sometimes. So, we will examine the many advantages and disadvantages of credit cards in this post.

The first thing we have to understand is that a credit card is not the same as a debit card. A debit card charges you instantly from the money you have deposited in your checking account, while a credit card offers you a form of loan to operate. For many, it is useful to see the credit card as “fictitious money” that you do not really have, and have to return within a certain period. So, what are the advantages of a credit card?

Advantages Of Credit Card

The introduction of credit card has brought about a huge number of advantages, especially in an increasingly electronic world. Some of these are listed below:

  • Credit card reduces the need to carry cash around.
  • It gives you access to an extra amount of money.
  • It is the most used payment method for electronic purchases.
  • Most of credit card services usually have a loyalty plan with redeemable points, discounts, repayment of a percentage of the purchases, etc.
  • If we are good payers it allows us to consolidate our credit profile, which will suit us when applying for loans and mortgages.
  • You can defer payments or split them.
  • You can have cash in a moment of urgency, making a transfer to your own account or withdrawing it through the ATM.

It is clear that there are certain rather tempting advantages when it comes to having your own credit card, regardless of the fact that some firms only accept this method of payment. Now, a responsible use and deep understanding of what it entails will allow us to make a good choice and not put a significant dent in the family budget.

Disadvantages Of Credit Card

These are some of the main disadvantages that can affect us if we access a credit card:

  • The use of the credit card usually involves the payment of a series of costs of issuance, maintenance, renewal, extraction through ATM, etc. Look carefully at what commissions the card attracts and make comparisons with other institutions. Make your choice based on your comparison and judgement.
  • Deferred or split payment means the repayment of money will be arranged with an interest rate, which in the end ends up making the purchase more expensive, sometimes alarmingly.
  • There is a risk that your card will be physically stolen or that your data will be stolen over the internet, which could lead to fraudulent operations with your credit card. Some companies offer card insurance that exempts you from liability and reimburses you for the money that may be stolen.
  • Credit card encourages compulsive and thoughtless buying. It is very important to plan very well the use of the credit card to avoid excessive and unnecessary expenses.
  • The non-payment of instalments or terms of use of your card contributes to damaging your credit history, with which you would be closing the doors to the granting of more important and necessary loans.

These are the major advantages and disadvantages of credit card. With these in mind when you are using your credit card at the ATM or electronically, you will be guided from incurring unnecessary expenses.



ATMs are fully integrated into our daily lives, and we recognize them as an important element of the banks. When we need cash now, we need the ATM. It is clear that these ATMs have brought great progress and greater facilities for the transactions of bank customers, but do you know all the advantages offered by ATMs?

As you know, banks have limited opening hours during the day. However, if a person wanted to withdraw money in the evening, he could not do it. The ATMs give access to its use for those who need cash now, during the 24 hours of the day, since it does not require any worker with a schedule.

As we know, today we all live on every minute and time is worth so much more. ATMs now give us a fast and safe service, accessing our account through a personal password. But, ATMs do much more than help you make withdrawals.

What Other Services Do ATMs Offer?

Most people only know the service of money withdrawals for when they need cash now or asap, but ATMs offer more services for the user on foot. An example is the update of the passbook. By means of the ATM, you can update all your economic activities at any time.

Do you know that if you lose or forget any password related to your bank, you can re-obtain it or exchange it for another at an ATM? What is more, you can also check your account balance. Please, note that a lot of banks might charge you for using other ATMs belonging to other banks or institutions.

ATMs also allow you to make bank transfers seamlessly. Bank transfers are very useful for our own economic activities, especially if we run a business. As ATMs also offer you the service of making money transactions easily, you can transfer money without having to visit the bank.

Currently, most ATMs already include the physical deposit of money among their services. In addition to the standard withdrawal, we can enter money directly into our bank account. This has meant an increase in comfort for the user, and therefore, customer loyalty to the bank.

Since the number of transactions that can be done in these ATMs is unlimited, you can keep making transactions as much as you wish throughout the day. These functionalities are a benefit for the SME customer, since they can make keep making transactions, even after the banks finish their business day, without needing to wait till the next day to make the deposit in the office.

Are ATMs Safe?

Many ATMs are based on a Windows computer, but in a modified way, so they use an operating system to offer those services. To increase security, the tellers have updated their system leaving behind the outdated Windows XP, and acquired all the qualities of Windows 10. This means an increase in the security and computing of the devices, to provide a better experience for users. It is a stable system that has eliminated the mistakes of the past.

Now you know all the features that ATMs offer us. These allow us to conduct banking operations with our personal account, and at the same time they eliminate the tedious delays in the bank’s office. Do you use ATMs? What is your most favorite function so far?