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Hit the Jackpot?

There is an ATM malware that appears to be spreading across the world. Criminals are targeting the ATM’s and uploading the malware onto the computer system. The machines then pay out all of the cash in the machine.

Officials in Berlin in Germany have said that there were 36 cases of jackpotting cases in Berlin alone, since Spring in 2018.

It is believed one main gang is behind this criminal activity.

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Crime gang made to pay back thousands after getting busted

A gang that stole thousands of pounds after multiple ATM break ins have received hefty jail sentences AND have been ordered to pay back the money.

Police recovered over £100,000 during raids and the arrests were made.

The gang set off explosions in order to break into the machines.

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It Looks Like Free Cash Machine Withdrawals – could be a thing of the past..

It has been reported in the Independent that free withdrawals could disappear, because the amount that card providers pay ATM operators, when someone withdraws money, is being reduced.

It has been said that up to 30,000 machines in the UK could either disappear or be changed into fee taking machines.

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Raining cash from the ATM!

An ATM in Mexico fires out cash after a malfunction. I wish I was there to help collect it up and hand it in….hehe.

It wasn’t only one ATM, it was two. No arrests were made.

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Trouble in Ireland as scammers target St Patrick’s Day revellers

As the scamming criminals get more sophisticated, this story explains how these criminals were busted and what equipment they were caught with.

They planned on using mini cameras to steal pin numbers.

Be careful out there!

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An ATM in China pumps out $1 million – and the bank forgives the lucky(?) guy!

Now we are talking! What would you do with that kind of money?

Basically the cash machine didn’t register withdrawals taken out around midnight. This guy regularly took a visit out in the evening. Eventually he was caught. We love this story at ATM Near me.

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Banks in Holland remove ATM’s due to safety fears

Due to concerns from the general public, banks have been removing ATM’s. There have been a number of bombings by criminals looking to extract cash. This has lead to a lot of worry for the locals.

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