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Welcome to the site ATM Near Me. A site with a collection of helpful links to find specific ATM’s and other information and news about ATM’s. You will also find lots of hints and tips that are related to cash and credit cards. It’s all about the money!

What ATM means

Do you know what ATM means? It stands for Automated Teller Machine. Well if you didn’t, you near as damned do now. It is widely understood that the first machine that you could withdraw cash from, was made available by Barclays Bank, in London in 1967. So when you think about it, they haven’t actually been around all that long, but finding an ATM near me (I travel around a lot with work) tends to be a regular mission I have to complete and one we accept as an everyday part of life activity.

When I am searching for an ATM near me now,  I always try and ensure that I am using the free ATM’s that are available. I refuse to use the ones that charge a fee.

There is nothing worse than visiting an ATM that charges you for withdrawing cash, right? It is highly annoying! Surely it is unfair that you are simply taking out your own cash but you are having to pay for doing so! It is robbery.

When you are looking for the nearest cash machine it can sometimes be difficult choosing the best one. My advice on this would be to find a free cash machine (no charges to withdraw) and one that is easy to get to.

ATM Near Me Now

Finding an ATM near me when I am in a new town or city I find can be frustrating. Do you agree? Sometimes it is worth searching for the nearest bank, but often they don’t have any ATM’s available 24 hours of the day, so it can be difficult. Also, where I live, the nearest ATM to me is not within walking distance now. This is because the bank was closed and they removed the one I that I used to use regularly. Now I always have to go the nearest ATM by car each time. It does make you wonder how older people or people with mobility issues manage to get their nearest cash point at times.

Nearest Cash Point

I find the best way to find the nearest cash point is to use the internet. You can often find the full details of a particular cash point there. I will sometimes tell you of the bank it belongs to, but not always. If you are lucky, when searching for the nearest cash point, you will find a few together. You can then you can decide which one deserves your custom!

I often find that gas/petrol stations have a cash point to use. Unfortunately a lot of those can charge a fee. I personally refuse to pay a fee and will always look for a free ATM near me, for sure!

When I am searching for the bank nearest me and it does not open on a weekend, it is terrible. When you are a working person this is really frustrating I feel. Online banking takes over from this I guess, but you can’t beat speaking to a real person, especially when dealing with financial matters.

I used to use the trusty Post Office ATM near me and they are disappearing from some areas. In the UK many Post Office’s have closed down. Often in the small areas, out of town, people will not have a post office ATM for miles. It can be very inconvenient for them.

ATM Technology

I can remember being younger and the big fear people would have was the possibility of your bank card getting swallowed up by the cash machine, usually for no reasonable explanation! It used to happen to people regularly and more often that not it was due to some malfunction of the system/software no doubt. 

Fast forward to these days and things are a little more straightforward and reliable. Not only that but ATM’s near enough offer me and you the opportunity to do many things at the cash point now. For example, you can now pay for: mobile phone credit, lottery tickets, cinema tickets and train tickets and more!

What I would really like the cash machine to provide is some free money. Who is with me?

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