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Sell photos on Getty Images or Adobe Stock Contributor Online

Getty images and Adobe Stock Contributor are just a couple of many places online where you can sell your images and photos. Honestly there must be hundreds of these sites out there now where you can upload your photos now and try and earn money from it….which is great, however I found that I had a problem when tried to earn this way.

The competition was huge.

I think it suggests that a lot of these sites are saturated now. Don’t get me wrong, there are probably ways you can use the bigger sites like Getty to sell your images and photos, but I expect that you have to upload a lot(!) of photos on a regular basis and they must be very high quality. Unfortunately my camera phone quality photos were not good enough (and these photos looked really sharp to me, damn it!).

This began to annoy me a bit as I am into photography (only as beginner though!), but I really wanted to find a way to earn money by selling my photos online.

So I searched and searched and then managed to find something that is fairly new to the market and not saturated. I checked out a few reviews and thought this could be a decent option to sell my photos online. So I tried it out for myself.


With Photojobz, you upload your photos to the suggested places and they are then available for download by millions of people. They are a network that sell photos to websites, magazines, buyers who need photos for adverts, books and many other things.

As I live outside of the US (I am in the UK) I wanted to check that I could sell photos from my country and I found that you can be based anywhere in the world to sell your images through this website. Bonus!

Getty Images Sell Photos

I signed up and got started and found that the member area has some training topics on the type of photos of to take and tips and tricks to help you improve your standards, in order to sell photos. In addition to this it provided links to where you can upload your photos.

I used the suggested links and It has taken a few weeks but I have started to make some sales now and they best thing about this is, you can sell the same photos over and over again. Once you have uploaded them, that is it! The suggested websites do all of the work for you.

Photojobz Review Summary

If you sign up to become a member, you get access to a step by step guides, access to a job database and support and more. Personally I didn’t think much to the job database, but hopefully that will improve.

As a beginner I found the information in the membership area useful. The links to the best places to upload your images was good also. It can help you to sell your photos online to publishers, different brands and other people who might have an interest in using your images for their own needs.

This is the key point. You need think about how your photos can be made use of by a brand or a publisher. I have had some success selling photos of animals, but I understand that photos of people are some of the best sellers.

If you are looking to sell your photos and images online, this could be a decent option to help you learn the ropes to start with. Good luck to all the budding photographers who are reading this.